Powerful Features


iConx provides you with the ability to e-prescribe, task, respond to PAQs, dictate, review patient charts, or take photos and save them to your EHR system with ease and mobility, wherever there is a wireless connection.

Mobilize Your Providers with iConx

iConx has never made it easier and more affordable for the provider to begin experiencing a new level of ease and innovation for their existing EHR.  In less than 60 minutes and for as little as a dollar a day, with no installation fees,  annual contracts, or cancellation penalties, there has never been a better time to get started.

A Native iPad App For Your Existing EHR

User-Friendly Interface

The intuitive user interface instantly displays the patient visit data you need in a way that makes sense to your workflow.  Simple layouts, engaging screen designs and the iPad’s advanced multitouch

navigation create a user experience that is as enjoyable as it is easy.

Pricing & Options

Support & Downloads

iConx is based on a per-provider pricing system.

WIth no installation fees, annual contracts or cancellation penalties it allows you flexibility and control over your account.  Please reach out to one of our sales associates for more information.

iConx is a native iPad application that can be easily downloaded from the iTunes store.  Once downloaded, iConx runs off a middleware server from your office.  Our team of technicians will walk you through the 60-minute integration process, after which you will immediately be able to see your patient information on your mobile device.

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